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Lobster 621i pink

The Lobster 621i produced by Alcatel exclusively on the Virgin network, is exactly what a crunch busting phone should be. It undoubtedly holds mid range punch for low-end price with a 1.3 megapixel camera, with night mode, Bluetooth, MP3 player and with the capacity to support up to 2GB SD memory card it can potentially hold up to 500 songs. The mirrored chrome finish to the phone does give it that quality feeling with its slim stylish looks, and at only 11mm thick and 69g in weight it will fit into your pocket or handbag with ease.

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  • Normal bar type phone
  • Bluetooth
  • Pink Phone

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Lobster 621i pink
Virgin Mobile PAYG
    300 free texts when you top up ú10 a month. Unlimited free texts and 1GB internet data when you top up ú15. Calls cost 26p per minute, texts 10p. internet data 50p a day (25MB), pay only for the days you use.