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JCB Tough

The JCB Tough (also sold as the Sonim XP1) is as hard as nails and takes no messinÆ from anyone. You can throw bricks at it, drop it in cement, even run over it in a car and it will still ring. It's also very loud with dual speakers so you can have a conversion in a noisy environment. This is a proper rugged phone, it's bright yellow and resistant to shock, dust, dirt, extreme temperatures, water and impacts. It doesnÆt have a camera, you canÆt browse the web and there are no silly ringtones - fantastic. This is a phone that fills the niche market for really, really tough phones. ItÆs ideal for the building trade, or for anyone who wants a solid, rugged mobile that gets the job done with no fancy extras.

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  • Normal bar type phone
  • Bluetooth

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JCB Tough
SIM Free
    Handset only for use with any compatible SIM card.