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Huawei 3 MiFi E5830

3's Mobile Broadband MiFi device (the Huawei E5830) gives you wireless internet whenever you want. Mobile Wi-Fi sends out a signal so you can connect to the internet without needing any wires. This means you can connect different devices at once. So while you're checking emails on your laptop, you can download tracks and apps on your iPod touch.

Just turn on your wireless modem, switch on connection to the 3 network, and select the Wi-Fi function. Then choose the Wi-Fi option on whichever device you're using. There's no need to load any software to get online using the wireless modem.

The main difference between Mobile Broadband and Mobile Wi-Fi is that Mobile Broadband only works with your laptop, whereas Mobile Wi-Fi lets you connect other Wi-Fi-enabled devices, like the iPod touch. And because it's a wireless connection, it means you can connect more than one device at a time.

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  • 3G
  • Wi-Fi

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